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taecyeon profile

Taecyeon Profile :

Name : Ok Taecyeon
Role in 2PM : Rapper, Dancer
Nickname : Okcat, Jeemseung (beast)
Date of birth : 27th December 1988
Height : 185cm
Weight : 76kg
Blood Type : AB
Religion : Christian
Languages : English & Korean, Japanese (in order of fluency)
School : Dankook University
Hobbies : Music appreciation, Wakeboarding, Skiing
Specialties : Cooking
Ideal Woman : A girl who does her own stuff well
Fav Food : All the food

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Star sign: Capricorn
Talent agency: JYP Entertainment

TV Series Taecyeon Profile

Dream High (KBS2, 2011)
*cinderella sister (KBS2, 2010)

Trivia Taecyeon Profile

* KPOP group name: 2PM (Rapper)
* Skills: Cooking
* Hobbies: Listening to music, surfing and wakeboarding, skiing
* He lived in Bedford, Massachusetts for 7 years before auditioning to JYP Entertainment in New York City as a model.
* Languages: Korean and English

First Seen : 2006 Superstar Survival
Shows : Superstar Survival (2006), XTM I (2007), Mnet Hot Blood (2008), MBC Idol Army (2008-2009), KM Pop Magazine (2008 - Present), Mnet It’s Time 2PM (2009)

Taecyeon Question & Answer from his Cyworld

Ock Taekyeon

December 27th


75kg!! I'm working hard to gain more weight !!

Shoe size?
I'm not positive, but around 280?


Ock Taek Balee

Honestly, back then it was reading. But now, uh-.-;; I don't have any...

Christian! Even though I don't regularly attend Sunday service...

My loving dad, mom and older sister

Let's live kindly!!

I don't look like my age. People look at me as a 27 year old...

Future hope?
Originally, I wanted to move but now it's becoming a world star!!

Sleeping habit?

I keep waking up in the middle of the night...

What time do you sleep?
Hm?? If it's for a long period of time, I sleep a lot... If it's short, about 30 minutes?? Keke

My way to attract girls is...
I don't have any... that's why I don't have a girlfriend...

Fashion style?
I don't have this either... that's why I don't have a girlfriend...

Eh. I don't really pay attention too it much, so it's okay...

My charming point is...
I want to say it's my eyes that look like a little, prankster's eyes... but I want it to be my lips-.-;Your name in a three-line acronym?
Hm.... my name is difficult.... even the Wondergirls gave up...-.-;;

Your ideal girl?
Pretty, kind, smart, and a person who does her job well??

People you look up to?
Bi (Rain) and Edison...

Your strong point?

I can make the mood go down by saying only one word!!! Keke

Your weak point?
I can make the mood go down by saying only one word!!! Aehyo...

When do you feel cool?

When I do my hair and wear nice clothes??

When do you feel tacky?

When I don't do my hair and wear nice clothes??

How do you release your stress?

Eating, sleeping, screaming, crying

How many years apart do you want you and your wife to be?

If not the same age, around 3~4 years apart??

What's the best number of years apart you want to be when dating?

Five!!! For my age, I think 5 years apart is the best...

Describe yourself in five characters?

뺀질뺀질이 (Bben-jil-bben-jil-ee). Lazy

Favorite saying?
Veterans don't die... they still live... - McArthur

Favorite season?

Winter~ being cold is better than being hot...

Favorite food?
I don't have a favorite food~

Favorite animal?

I like dogs... I don't like arrogant cats!!

Favorite color?
Blue & Black

Favorite scent?
Chanel 5??Keke I don't know~ It's strong, but I don't think it would be pleasant if it wasn't??

Favorite sport?

Favorite weather?
Taking cool showers on really hot, summer days...

Favorite number?
Hm?? I have to think about that stuff too??

Favorite celebrity?

Tom Hanks~! His acting is the best!!

Favorite flower?
Baby's breath... if you buy a rose, the small white flowers inside... you can't buy it no matter how much money you give... but I still like it

The saying you most hate?

I don't love you

What do you most want to do if you get a girlfriend?
Even if it was only 3 seconds, I want to hug and kiss her in a place with a lot of people around

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